Business Continuity Planning Overview


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the process of planning to ensure that your operations can return to “business as usual” as quickly and painlessly as possibly in the event of a major disruption. Having an effective Business Continuity Plan can be the difference between an organization surviving or collapsing during a crisis.  The degree of Business Continuity Planning occurring within an organization BEFORE a disaster will improve its ability to recover within timescales necessary to reduce business impact.


Industry analysts predict that two out of five businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event; however, having a robust plan in place can increase your organization’s chances of survival.


Disasters can come in many forms, disasters range from less severe disruptions like data corruption and power failure to less common yet much more severe and often longer lasting ones. Understanding the likelihood and severity of these will help you identify the disasters you need to consider in your planning.


Business Continuity Planning should be a consideration at all levels of the organization from strategic planning all the way down to your daily procedures.


At Chazey Partners, we believe successful recovery from a crisis event depends on your people – not on your organization’s size, infrastructure, equipment, or technologies. Our structured Business Continuity Planning approach provides pragmatic recommendations for your current BCP strategy, also offers integrated solutions to develop a BCP program suitable to your organization’s needs. 


What We Can Do for You?


  • Assessing your current organizational Business Continuity Plan to identify the gap and provide pragmatic recommendations 
  • Applying Chazey’s structured BCP approaches to implement a robust BCP framework and strategy for your organization
  • Building effective testing, maintenance and training systems that tailored to your organization


Why Chazey Partners for your Business Continuity Planning


As a specialty advisory firm specializing in business transformation & process optimization, Chazey Partners is uniquely positioned to partner with organizations globally to offer effective solutions for Business Continuity Planning. Our professionals have on average 20 years of business experience with all facets of operations, specializing in transformation and Shared Services. Furthermore, we have members who have deep operational experience in Business Continuity, risk management, organizational reliance, and security. We afford this expertise to the benefits of our clients to ensure they have the right holistic solutions to strengthen an organization’s resiliency and recoverability capabilities.


For further information, please contact us and our practice leader Chas Moore 


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