Information Technology Transformation Overview


Information Technology has delivered huge improvements in productivity over the last twenty to thirty years. But there has also been a great deal of ineffective spend and many frustrated end users across industries and businesses all over the globe. At Chazey Partners we understand that Information Technology is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Too often "technology" is seen as some kind of "black art", only understandable by technical people with degrees in Computer Science.


IT really has two main service arms to it - Infrastructure and Applications. The first step in moving to world class IT governance and delivery is to recognize the key differences between these to, with "Infrastructure" providing the hardware and communication links backbone, enabling data, and voice to move around an organization effectively and efficiently, while "Applications" provide the tools to improve productivity and control, and directly enable end users to perform their roles. World class IT functions understand the different service delivery requirements they must meet. They deliver Infrastructure and Applications support to the business at lowest possible cost and maximum return on investment.


IT Shared Services has not been as prevalent as in Finance and HR, for example, but has still followed many of the same principles and techniques. IT has also moved faster and earlier towards Outsourcing and Offshoring.


Our Expertise


Chazey Partners has implemented world class IT models across many businesses. We have rolled out global ERP solutions, shared serviced and outsourced IT functions, and have significantly reduced implementation costs and timelines. Contact us to ask how we can help your business optimize IT to increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver significant return on your investment.


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"I found the methodology used by Chazey to be thorough, providing excellent insight into efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of our processes, how our value to our Organization was perceived by our business partners, and how our organizational structure was hindering us from achieving the level of service required by our growing business. I would be very pleased to work with Chazey Partners at any time in the future."

--- George Hollinger, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Agrium

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