Procurement Transformation Overiew


Effective Procurement can add huge value to any organization. "Maverick buying", multiple suppliers, not making use of available discounts, poor management of payment terms and days, payables outstanding (DPO), sub optimal price negotiation, and ineffective management of the supply base can add significantly to operating costs. This can also make the difference for any organization between long term profitability and business failure. 


The world's best companies leverage truly effective Procurement organization to manage and lead enterprise buying, while ensuring that the Procurement function does not act like, and is not seen by the business as, a slow or unwieldy unnecessary bureaucracy that holds the business back. The focus is on value.


Our Expertise


Chazey Partners has helped companies implement and optimize highly efficient and effective Procurement strategies that balance the need for service, enforcement, low cost to serve and control. This has resulted in the generation of millions of dollars of savings for the businesses we have supported. Our people have been at the forefront of the Procurement function. We understand the difference between the necessary transactional aspects of procurement process and the huge value that can be added through an effective and efficient "buying" function.


We also know and understand the best technologies available in the market place to support the procurement process (e.g. eProcurement, supplier relationship management software, workflow and authorization tools, etc), which enable control and service to be combined to meet total business needs. And we know how to implement these procurement/supply chain technologies in a rapid and high return on investment way that leads to quick payback and substantial returns, whatever ERP platform you use.


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