Cybersecurity Overview


While the recent, rapid technological developments have provided new opportunities for organizations of all sizes, these advancements have also brought unprecedented threats.  Almost every business relies on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its systems and its data. Protecting information, whether it is held electronically or by other means, should be at the heart of the organization’s security planning.  However, often, one of the biggest risks to an organization’s cybersecurity is not a weakness in technology or system, rather the missing elements of organizational process security. 


At Chazey Partners, we define business operations as 4 equal and interdependent pillars that serve as the operational foundation of any organization. These are people, processes, client service, and technology. We address your cybersecurity risks by examining your organizational processes, and applying process improvement techniques to develop integrated security solutions that are right for your organization. 


What We Can Do for You?


  • Assess your current organizational end-to-end processes to identify the existing and potential cyber security risks facing your organization
  • Apply Chazey’s process security programs to establish a robust and pragmatic security governance
  • Integrate process security improvements with existing technology to build effective security management systems
  • Build solid operational infrastructure by applying for 4 equal and interdependent pillars 


Why Chazey Partners for your Cybersecurity Solutions

As a specialty advisory firm specializing in business transformation, Chazey Partners is uniquely positioned to partner with organizations globally to afford resilience in the face of cyber threats. Our professionals have years of business experience with all facets of operations, specializing in transformation and Shared Services. Furthermore, we have members who have deep operational experience in security, organizational reliance, and business continuity. We leverage this expertise to the benefit of our clients to ensure they have the appropriate holistic solutions to operate effectively in light of the threats posed by cybercrime.


For further information, please contact us and our cybersecurity practice leader Rob Serjeant. 


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