Chazey Partners focuses on the unique environment within each organization, offering impartial sourcing advice, and support to ensure the best strategy for your organization are found. Our approach is based on matching your key internal resources to our project team, thereby facilitating knowledge transfer to your team. This helps you to become self- sufficient while also stabilizing and sustaining the new Shared Services Organization.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Definition of Shared Services


“Shared Services” is a delivery model for the effective and efficient delivery of non-core services to the business, employing a specialist team, geographically unconstrained, and focusing on the requirements of the customer. This involves a philosophy and approach totally unlike traditional Corporate-driven centralization.


It is characterized by its client-focus, use of technology, and implementation of leading practices. It operates like a business in that it seeks to provide services to its clients (rather than treating volume as workload to be avoided), the costs of these services are known, and it strives for continuous improvement.


The goal of Shared Services is to provide high quality, non-core, but mission critical, services (which can include both repetitive common processes and more specialized professional services) to the business at lower cost and more efficiently than the business could otherwise provide for itself.


Where Do I Go for Help?

  • Why use a consultant?

When you start on your Shared Services journey, it makes sense to hire a guide. Leverage an external consultant’s experience and expertise and you’ll achieve the triple benefit of Shared Services quicker and less expensively than if you attempt to do it on your own. We feel so strongly about this that we offer a free consultation. Call us for absolutely no cost or obligation. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and help you get started.


  • What is different about Chazey Partners?

We are passionate about Shared Services, business process transformation, and technology enablement. We are recognized globally as experts in Shared Services. All of our team members are experienced practitioners with expertise operating & developing shared services in both the private and public sector. Over the past 20 years, we have built, operated, and turned around some of the world’s most highly commended and ground-breaking Shared Services organizations, including locations in the US, Canada, Latin America, UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, India, Singapore, Australia, and China.


Our approach is based on matching key internal resources to the external project team. This facilitates knowledge transfer and allows the consultants to roll off the project in the later stages as the internal team becomes more self-sufficient. Our approach reduces consulting fees, improves stakeholder buy-in, and results in a better solution.


  • Our clients recommend us!

Some examples of organizations we have worked with include:



to see more examples click here


Contact us if you have any questions on Shared Services, process transformation, or technology enablement. We’ll even give you a free consultation to help you get started on your journey. There is absolutely no obligation or cost for this service.

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